Sunday, 11 September 2011

Glo Restaurant at Reading

Glo restaurant in Reading might be one that you walk right past without even noticing it. It is slightly understated and doesn't make a meal of itself. I have to say that I thought Glo was a chain and it was all mass produced microwaved food. I was invited to review this restaurant by a PR company. It turned out that in fact the food is locally sourced and freshly prepared on site.
There are grills, pizzas, curries and all sorts; something for everyone. They also have an extensive range of cocktails and some rather inviting combinations and flavours. It was nice to see that the non-alcoholic cocktails on the menu had been considered and were not just an afterthought. The picture is of a delicious mango lassi and it took us a while to realise the swirls actually spelled something out!
We started with a selection of dim sum; beef suimai, BBQ pork rolls and vegetable spring rolls. I love dim sum purely because it means I can try several different things, I don't have to choose between them and I don't feel greedy! The BBQ pork rolls were a little odd, like a sweet muffin with sticky pork in the centre. I wasn't sure what to expect but it wasn't that! 
There were many many prawn crackers too which for someone who can't eat enough of them is excellent news. The one thing I really liked about this restaurant over other similar ones was that every table had its own set of soy sauce and chilli sauce. This meant there was no awkward, "I'm ever so sorry, would you mind passing the soy sauce", to your neighbour. When you get through as much soy sauce as me the aforementioned neighbour can get rather irritated. Here I was free to drink as much sauce as I liked. 
The above satay chicken noodles were lovely from the little bit spared I was allowed to try! I had Goma chicken salad. It was good to have something that was so delicious and so cleansing. I don't know what is in their salad dressing but it is incredible. 
For dessert I had something called Moneybags, ice cream deep fried in pastry. Fortunately you could choose your flavours and I tried one called Yuzu which I've never had before. It was sort of citrus come passion fruit and was lovely. It was all rounded off with a nice cup of jasmine tea.
Glo is sort of like Wagamamas but with more choice and restaurant service. For me it was nice to go somewhere that left me feeling (not including the dessert!) relatively healthy. I often find that having a salad when out is unfulfilling, boring and disappointment. It was nice to be satisfied for once.

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  1. Great restaurant review. Seems like a good place to go to once a while.

  2. This seems like my kind of restaurant - thanks for the tip!

  3. Great review....and lovely meal too.

  4. I know what you mean about salads; I don't think I've ever ordered one (unless as a side) in a restaurant. Glo sounds fabulous and I love the effort they've gone to with the cocktails etc :) not sure about those sweet sticky pork muffin-thingies though!


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