Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Purple French Beans with Steak

I planted eighteen broad bean seeds under their little cloches back in March and I had eighteen successful broad bean plants come up giving me lovely green pods all of July and early August. I planted eighteen French purple bean seeds under their little cloches and I had two plants come up. I'm not sure it was my year for these little chaps.
Fortunately the two little plants that managed to battle the elements (and the neighbours heavy pawed cat) were rather heavily laden and so I had enough to make a meal. They are such a dark colour and look so lovely in the garden it was a shame to pick them. The plant is also a fantastic purpley green. 
I topped and tailed the beans and steamed them gently. I was hoping this would retain some of their purple colour but, unfortunately, they went entirely green! I find that beans are extremely happy with a little lemon juice. I melted a little butter and fried some chopped shallot then squeezed in a little lemon juice to sharpen it up.
In order to make the most of the beans it was only fair to have them with a little sirloin steak. Any excuse. I always season and oil the steak, not the pan. Lovely jubbly. Beautiful, juicy steak and crunchy French beans with sharp, velvety sauce. A wonderful summery dish that is surprisingly filling.

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  1. Purple green beans are new to me this year. My wife saw them at a farmer's market, but unfortunately didn't buy any.

    Awesome dinner! Looks fresh, simple, yet elegant. :)

  2. The purple beans are beautiful....and with steak, c'est parfait!

  3. I haven't seen purple green beans. I bet they are good.

  4. I have never seen purple green beans before. They are pretty! Great dinner!

  5. I saw purple beans at Abel and Cole but was too scared to buy them! You've given me courage!

  6. I don’t think they sell purple beans here so maybe I need to look for the seeds and plant them myself next year. I love the purple color so pretty! Wonder if you could eat them raw…have you tried?

  7. I've never seen purple beans! I feel quite disadvantaged.

    Lovely, simple dinner, totally my scene.

  8. This is my first time seeing purple french beans! They're so lovely with their purple skin with a little hint of green on them tho. ;)
    Too bad they couldn't keep their color after cooked, just like the purple cauliflowers and bell peppers. ;(
    Btw, I'm so curious of all the new purple veggies that are seen now. Are they of their natural purple color? Why do they lose their colors after cooked?

  9. Thank you for all your comments! Yes they are naturally purple, they are usually heritage varieties. I believe the reason they change colour when cooked because purple is a more volatile compound and is therefore more easily removed when heated or treated.

  10. Hi, thank you so much for your explanations! ;D

    Have a great weekend! ;)


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